Getting creative with washi tape

Washi tape has endless uses. It is super handy to have around the house for hanging up all sorts of items  (e.g posters on the walls, sticker charts on the fridge) but the uses go way beyond that. You can see our full range of washi tape here. And here goes some inspiration including ideas to keep the kids entertained inside as winter closes in on us here in the southern hemisphere. washi 1 Keep the kids entertained with some indoor hopscotch. Image via Haga26 washi 2 Create a different frame for every piece of artwork. Image via: washi 3 Give a table a whole new look and a splash of colour and pattern. Image via: washi 4 Washi tape can be used to create fabulous personalised wrapping paper. Image via: buzzfeed washi 5

Create whole towns and cities complete with buildings, carparks and roads. Hours of fun. Image via

washi 6 A simple and effective cake topper idea. Image via: washi 7 Customised headboard which can easily be changed whenever you want. Image via: compartemimoda washi 9 Glass bottles and straws can be changed to work with any party theme. Image via: karaspartyideas washi8 And for all of my fellow stationery addicts here goes a great way to add colour and pattern to an otherwise boring lined notebook. Image via: momruncraft


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